Apps to Optimizing Your Smartwatch Security camera

When strangers you meet on the street ask you “what time is it?” there is a big possibility for you to check your smartphone instead of your watch. In this 21st century, many modern people rely on their smartphone because of its capabilities. It is almost like a super tiny computer that you can put on your pocket jeans and eventually it becomes the fourth basic needs that modern people should have. Meanwhile, when it comes to watches, not all of the people fancy watches especially wristwatch since it could only tell time. Why would you need a watch if a smartphone could tell you anything?

Smartwatch with Security camera

In order to survive in this digital era, there are a lot of manufacturers trying to offer something more than a watch that could only tell you a time. Smartwatch does exist to counteract this issue. The smartwatch itself can perform functions like what smartphone usually do such as giving you a notification of certain messages, GPS navigation, time synchronization so that you can set a reminder of particular occasions that you should attend. Even it can give you security by enhancing its utility. For instance, you can use your smartwatch as a security camera when you happen to leave the house. Thus, in this article, we provide you with an overview of several applications to optimizing your smartwatch security camera.

If you are an android user, you can start to install an IP Cam Viewer in your device. It is the top IP camera applications that you can find on PlayStore. IP Cam Viewer is an application that allows you to remotely access your phone camera, digital video recorder, webcam, and now it supports your smartwatch. It lets you change the record mode even if you are far from home. This application is also able to detect motion such as sound and movement. You can use this IP Cam Viewer to optimizing the security camera in your home, garages, car, and in the kids’ room.

Another option regarding the application to optimize your smartwatch security camera is called Wear Camera Remote. Once you download the application, you can start to launch it by using voice command “start camera”. Probably you don’t have to say it loudly since it is basically a spy camera. So, you just need to swipe right. The use of this application is pretty simple. You will get a live view of the surroundings through your smartphone camera without, even when your phone screen is turned off. Basically, there are lots of applications that may help you to optimize the utility of your smartwatch. Just be smart just like your devices.